Saturday, September 29, 2012

Date night

This is funny:
Last night was homecoming night here for our highschool (WHS).  Andy and I went on a date night and we went to the homecoming football game!
Andy had not been to one since highschool he thought.
I have been to one--to go with Sissy and Caroline or something--can't remember.
It was very fun!!
The marching band had a reunion this year and people from all over the country came home
and THEY PLAYED at the football game.
When we were in high school we had a HUGE BAND with beautiful uniforms etc.
They competed all over the country.
Now, this year, there were about 12 students in the marching band at the homecoming parade.
Guess who was in the parade???
V-man!  The kindergarten teachers got together and decided that the littles would wear tie dyed tees and walk in the parade!!
It was very fun.
Going out to that last night brought back floods of memories!!
Andy was going down memory lane too.
WHS lost to Havelock--
The band sounded great--we looked over and some of their instruments were banged
up and not shiny!  The people had just pulled them out of the closet/attic etc. and
come to play.

Bueno--that is enough of that...I will post a picture of V-man

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How fun :)!!