Saturday, October 6, 2012

Maturity and Washcloths

What do these two have to do with eachother, you might ask?
Well, this is a comparison that I constantly make in my mind.
Every time I consciously feel myself thinking in a more grown up way
or really letting go of some idea that would have never happen,
or really understanding things about myself in a more peaceful light.
The explanation is this:
Contrary to what I always thought, that we become adults in a flash
of a moment--or like a switch coming on...I think we become adults/mature
like the squeezing of a washcloth.
Childhood is wrung out of us.
Here are some ways that I have discovered this over the
past several years:
Partying:  It has taken a long time, but slowly, and with
chonological aging, I have come to realize that I actually do
INTOXICATE myself if I have more than a couple drinks...
AND that most of the time I would rather not have any at all.
This has happened slowly and gracefully...
Here is another:
Every season change--or every other {spring and fall} I go attic
shopping!  {yippie}--sigh... said the old me!  An immature part of me used
to mourn this a bit...that all of my clothes are last year's with a sprinkle of
new stuff in there.
But this year--I GOT EXCITED!  I really, honestly do not care that
I get my clothes out of the attic and wear them all over again--all the time.
I have a friend who gives me her stuff too.  This helps, b/c I like most of
it, and she is my same size--so that stuff really is new!
I do not care that my work blouses have been worn for three winters..
This, too, has taken a while...Like wringing out the self-centeredness that makes
me think, it is {pitiful} to not have new stuff all the time.
Not pitiful at all actually!  It is actually called {trying} to live within my means, and
CHILDREN GROW, so they have to have new things...I do not.
These changes in the way I think about things are noticeable to me.
I actually think about them.

Interestingly enough--I am usually in the shower wringing out the washcloth when this
post writes itself to me! :)
So, today I was cleaning the bathroom and I thought this can go even further
when you think about wrinkles...and youthfulness being full and radiant...and we
age and ..well, you go write some more yourself if you like! :)

I am off to attic shop.  Gotta put the Spring inventory away for next year.

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Bethany said...

:) Yes... I like my faithful seasonal clothes too. Like comfy friends... but it is still HOT here! I'm tired of my summer things. And, I like lived-in faces too - is it weird that some people seem so young?? Too fresh & untried maybe...;-) happy w/end!