Saturday, October 6, 2012


So we had playdates today after the Pumpkin Festival at school--and then the
playdates turned into STN (spend the night).
The oldest two had their friends stay--until the A.M.
"I really, really do not mind," I said to both of their mothers.
Honestly, I do not.
Children start playing, and they just get so into
whatever they are doing that you hate to break it up...
So I took all five kiddies to Taco Bell, and then
we went to Walgr33n's where they played with Halloween stuff and
When we got home they played in the play house.
Then they watched "Arthur's Spooky Tales" in the playhouse while
I did a constant round of snack delivering.
Turns out Arthur is just a little too spooky for five year old
little boys!! ha!
Isn't that a hoot?--I am talking about PBS Arthur!
These are the same two that were just trying on Scream masks!!
Then when it was time to go to bed I had to find things around my
house that mimick the lovies they snuggle at home.
Elena's friend has what she calls her, "thilky"--or silky--
So I got her nice clean pillow case that feels somewhat thilky.
B-man (V-man's friend) requested some kind of blanket..not too big
"you know, the right size..."--so I found him a baby doll quilt.
I told them to snuggle up, suck their thumbs and go to bed!! :)
Love it!

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