Tuesday, October 16, 2012

El concierto

Bueno, bloggy buddies,

This past weekend Andy and I went to Charlotte with my cousin, Lib, and her friend Grace.
We stayed at a Hilton that was in the parking lot of a large MALL!!
I am not even embarrassed to admit that I LOVE MALLS!
And it is very true for me that I never even get the chance to go to Malls.
So, this was very exciting.
The most exciting part, however, was going to hear one of my
favorite bands in concert--also right on the grounds of the hotel!!
And, better still, --we got to meet the band--all of its members!!
They were staying in the hotel too, and when the show was over,
they walked right into the bar where all of our party was sitting,
having another drink!!
This weekend was a very exciting one.
The only photographic evidence that exists, however is
in my cousin, Lib's facebook acct.
She has not {shared} it with me yet, so this means I will
have to get her to. 
AND the evidence is in video form!! My cousin was a bit tipsy,and
the phone was on video, not camera mode.
Whatever--I did not even have a camera on me--so obviously I was not too
worried about all that.
I will say, though, that this trip was so worth all of my effort to get us there, and
even without meeting the band--
the music was so great!!  The music was wonderful, and the crowd was
the perfect size for me.
We fun people all around us, and it ended at 8:00--PERFECT! Hello!
I have to go to bed by 10:00 anyway--so there!
It was as if the whole night were designed to meet my needs!
Oh, and I got a bit of shopping in too.
Here is a picture of the pair of boots I want from Nordstrom.
They cost 377.00--{Giver of lifestyle grants--are you reading yet???}
Yeah...so the guy in Nordstrom brought out these and several other pairs--in size 10.5!!
Yes.  In Nordstrom they have big feet shoes..It is amazing!! That is why I go there to try on shoes.
BUT.  These were just too pricey.... BUT-they were perfect!!!
Okay--now I have to snap back to reality...I HAVE TO WORK TODAY!!
Before that, I have to work out.


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Excellent!!! Tailor-made weekend...