Friday, October 19, 2012

fond farewells

Yesterday I was blasted with two things that are about to change in my life, which are staples for me,
and which I will miss terribly!
1.  The Stop N Shop near our cottage at the beach has been bought by new owners.  This is momentous, as the same people have run it/owned it since I was a little girl, and we considered it to be a rite of passage to get to be able to ride your bike there and get some candy.  Then, I worked there one time.  I just love that store.  You would have to go there to has a full deli in it, reef sandals, cool watches...a complete tackle/bait shop, kegs, gas....just a great place!
2.  Newsweek is discontinuing its print version!! Unbelievable!!--Newsweek is a staple for me.  I love Newsweek, and I have since I was in middle school.  So, not having a Newsweek to hold every Wednesday is going to be a sad occurence...

Wahhh Wahhh!!

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Anonymous said...

I like when you update us tho!