Monday, October 29, 2012

Jarabe de Palo 2012

Here are some pictures from the festival we went to, when we saw Jarabe de Palo on stage and

The last one was taken during the show.
The first one was taken after the show when we are at the bar in the hotel and the
band members came in.
This was a very special night for me, as it was LITERALLY a dream come true to
get to see this band play.
My cousin's friend took all these pictures--as I did not have a camera with me!!
(can you even believe that??)  To be honest I did not want to be burdened with the
feeling that I should be taking pictures, so I did not bring equipment.  THIS WAS VERY DUMB!
There is another picture--no video--that was taken just after I chased the lead singer
down.  It, unfortunately, is trapped in videolandia...and will not be untrapped.
It is on facebook. :)
These pictures were emailed to me, and I have just made a collage of them, which will hang
in my house, where I can see them every day and remember that dreams do come true!
Now, notice that I put 2012 in the title, which does imply that we might see this band
again one day. ;).
Ojala que si!

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Bethany said...

Great shots, what a cool night!! love it.