Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Glimpse

My blogging has not been anywhere near the quality that it was when I first started doing this as a pass time.
I read the old posts and they crack me up.
They are so personal.
They are so {me}.
Lately --for the past year and a half or so, they seem like small, bland updates--besides an occasional {winner} that might stand out among the others.
Tonight I was inspired by Eva's "golden horse shoe."
"Can you see it?"
--That is what she said to me.
Can you see it?
It is a button that I had lying around somewhere...
She glued it on her hand for safe-keeping.
The glue?
Oh, can you see the glue?
Yep! My other bedside companion since I have a cold...
She is in love with it..right this I type.
She is beside her brother, her sister, then me...playing with her golden
horse shoe.
If it falls!
"oh!" she exclaims!! "my golden horse shoe!!"
Then she finds it, and {glues} it back to her hand.
Oh, now she needs me to open a Hello Kitty tin..some other thing she will
imagine a use for...
Can you see her purple tulle tu tu skirt?
She wears that in rotation with a Minnie mouse costume and a
pink polka dotted dress that is {at least} a size too small.
Socks and shoes--only if she MUST!
So she wears these three outfits one after another, and
she sleeps in them too.
She just handed me my mashed potatoes in the tin,
and my Ipad stylus as my spoon. She politely moved my roll
of toilet paper from the bedside table so that it would
not get food on it.

So there is your glimpse of my Eva Lou at three and a half...
Being her sweet little self and entertaining the heck out of me!! :)
Maybe an improvement on my recent posts as well...
{fingers crossed}.

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Bethany said...

oh how i love little girls! sweet Eva. {Sweet post.} And your cold, still hanging around? No!