Saturday, January 19, 2013

Andy Style

Almost every Saturday we all get up and clean up. Saturday is the only day that I have energy to lead the work crew, you see and they must be led!
Andy has always had his very own style of cleaning.
Andy style involves ZERO sorting out
ZERO putting where it belongs
Maybe a bit of wiping-- with that brand new washcloth, only the best for cleaning up the dust!
{hand dusting}~very fancy, no?
The biggest clue that a recent Andy session has recently happened is finding a cardboard box full of odds and ends, and then nearby some table or corner that now looks spotless and clutter-free!
It is quite endearing, might as well be, no?
Here is a recent example...
Stacks and piles--neat piles!!! Are also a clue
Note how during the dresser cleaning like items were grouped together
And then all the clutter was simply pushed back
Behind an imaginary border-- I bet it bothered him that the smoke detector
Was too round and therefore could not be forced behind his {neat} border!
So cute!

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Bethany said...

Bahahaha!!!! I love this. It truly cracked me up! Cleaning styles might as well be endearing, you're right - because apparently we stick w/ them forever! Rick will clean & wipe the kitchen to within an inch of its life, but not pick up a single toy from the floor. Just kicks them when he steps on them. :) I am still giggling at the dresser "cleaning." Happy week bloggy bud!