Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pronouns and God

You all know that from time to time I post on here some
opinion of mine... ;).
Sometimes they are political--Soapboxes--
and sometimes not...
This one is about a trend I have noticed over the past five years or so.
People are attaching possessive pronouns to God.

Well, Andy and I have talked about this, and if a person believes
in God--they believe God is everyone's God--even the non-believers.
We will just believe it for them, no worries

So, when Christians say --"she has gone to be with her God"
I just think they could leave out the possessive pronoun.
I am a Christian, and I just think God is everyone's God.
God is not "my God," nor is he "our God"
God is God.

There is no need to add a possessive --as a matter of fact, I think
it is a bit --well, ..
You be the thinker..
When you hear this, what do you think?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

I think that is RIDiculous. Unnecessary. Call 'im what you want, people, there's only one & he belongs to us all. I haven't experienced this trend. Seems like the trend of putting "the" in front of a destination is catching. Like, going to THE Walmart. :)