Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out! Out!

Can you see it?
It drives me crazy!!
I makes me {almost} hate my dogs!!--I am not quite sure which one was the culprit.
It has been there for months...weeks?
Not sure.
It makes me steer clear of my {living} room!!

The new{ish} rug, is ruined--by the {spot}...
Did Spot do it?
Did Prissy do it?

Spot is quite the pisser, on the other hand, Prissy
is not trained to do anything...
She merrily ignores her name being called and trapses off across the road
on a regular basis to visit other dogs...
So, I can also see her RUINING my rug..
All with that sweet expression of {puppy dog eyes}.

Now, I am totally game for some suggestions!!
I want the spot gone!
Baking soda has been my attempt so far.
It did not work ;).

Someone said to buy an oxy product...but I hate to go the way of wild
geese, buying endless cleaners and machines to rid myself of the spot...
If I get up to 98dollars worth of all that stuff..I could replace the rug.

Suggestions (known spot cures) are DESPERATELY needed!! LOL, or


Anonymous said...

I have ones in the den and bonus room. I have had carpets cleaned twice I think.I try cleaners of all types..nothing has really worked great for me. I have to spot clean every week :(. It frustrates and upsets me..I am going to get more furniture to cover up. Hah.

Bethany said...

Eco Orange! That stuff is a-mazing. I have a huge jug of it, that gets diluted in a spray bottle. Last week I was painting, and splat - a huge drop of hot pink paint went onto my white rug. Eco Orange got it RIGHT out. Cleans grease, sharpie, wine, etc. I sound like a commercial! My mom is visiting in 2 weeks & I can send home a bit from my {huge} jug, for the low, low price of f-r-e-e. If only I can {remember} ;-)