Sunday, March 3, 2013


Oh my!!
I was watching HGTV yesterday and these people had a new kitchen and the appliances looked vintage...
Y'all, I am totally dreaming now!!
In a {couple years} when Andy and I get ready to re-do the kitchen...
Well, let's just say my aim will be to get at least one of these pieces. :)
Here is a photo.
I love the blue.
The company that sells this stuff is called
Big Chill

I hope that picture puts itself up here.
I would keep our same cabinets and change the hinges and knobs.
I would change the counter tops {maybe}--I actually like the old
green-speck formica. :)
Having one of those fridges would be so special!
So, on that HGTV show, Melissa, the people had white cabinets, and they painted the rest of the room an eggplant purple color and then the appliances were blue...
It made me think of you! :)
they are pretty pricey..
So I will be saving money for this one.


Anonymous said...


Bethany said...

Oooh... that blue is my fave color & I'm love that it is "in" again! Just painted the girls room, & Isabella's choice was pale aqua, J's pale key lime. SO cute & cheerful, it looks great! Save up -that is a cool kitchen & would suit yours!

Susan said...

Re: color:
These come in all colors!! SO whatever any person's favorite color is...pastel it, and they could have a fridge that color.
The aquas and turquoises and blues are all my favorites too. I have to be careful not to over do that possible?