Monday, March 4, 2013

Move across the room Mommy

This was one suggestion from my children when I was explaining
Just how obnoxious
a fellow mother was tonight at ball practice...
Oh man!!
Have I ever wished for a
Little Morgan in My pocket!!??--any more than in those thirty minutes..??
I have not met this mother the whole season.
Tonight was my first opportunity to be
absolutely mortified
that grown people who are
this pretentious
do exist.

She lives in the "dr's house." --her words (as if there is only one doctor here)--
The doctor moved out, actually--so it is no longer any doctor's house..??
This neighborhood (Smallwood) is a considerable step down btw from where they used
to live--in a house twice as big...
Before we left I had the opportunity to listen to how great her gated community in
Ohio was.
How the school system there was in the top 20 in the US....
How she
will not
work for our school system--as a math teacher--unless they honor all of
her requests for specifics on employment--place, style of teaching--on and on..
How the entire faculty at one of our county highschools has a big "sense of entitlement" and she absolutely could not work there..
How all of the teachers here "only come from NCSU or ECU" and if her kid ends up with a teacher from ECU--she will "absolutely demand that he be moved"
have you picked up on the obnoxious parts yet??
Answer:  everything this woman said!!--every damn bit of it...
I was having heart palpitations.
All I could dream of was what Morgan would have said to put this bitch in her place..
Sorry--but that is honestly what I was thinking..

When I was cooking supper, later on, saying my "I should've saids" to myself over twisty breads and cream sauce--I came up with it!  Eureeka!
Right at the point when she said the part about her demands of our superintendent--I think
Morgan would have said, "Well, I hope he told you to go the hell on somewhere b/c no one would want to work with you, you are a demanding, pretentious bitch, and you would be absolutely obnoxious to have to work with!" --
boo yow!! Take that crazy woman--

And I will close with a quote from a good friend of mine:
"People who live in gated communities, tend to be people who need to be gated in."


Anonymous said...

Love it! She sounds horrible! What is that saying "she is trying to make the grass look greener but it's prob fertilized with bullsht!"

Sorry about Peppers glad we got to go!

Bethany said...

Ahhhh! Wow... you know, that would have been the *perfect* Mom to experience a righteous VBI! I hate when I get home from an experience like that, and THEN come up with all these great comebacks. Woo-ee, what an annoying woman!

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Gad, she sounds horrible! Just reading this got my blood boiling....think I would have said "if Ohio was so wonderful, why dont u do this town a favor and move the hell back there!" Miss and love u Sus!!!!