Thursday, March 28, 2013

Find the date

My children are going to school in the same schools I went to.
They are bringing home books from the library and every time we read a book we check the dates!
Several times Elena has brought home books that I read!!
I can remember the books AND we check the dates.
Books from 1982 were in the library when I was in the second and third grades.
If you can see the old-timey check out envelope in the back cover--it has dates from 1986--that is when I was in the third grade at Elena's school.
We enjoy reading together, and we get to take a walk down memory lane all at the same time.

Speaking of old-timey check outs...
In my office at the school I work in, there is an old card-catalogue cabinet! ha!
I have no idea why we still have it...
Well, maybe I do know, it serves as a room partition right now.
It is also pleasant to look at, with its tiny drawers..
The students who come to my room love to hide under it, and open the drawers, one after another, --just as a curiosity..."What is this thing?" they say to me.
I try to explain it.

I never thought about when I would be telling "when I was little" stories.
It appears that I have arrived! :)

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Bethany said...

I am smiling at this! Yep, you have arrived... ahh... remember when... :) I'm reading the original Pippi Longstocking to the girls now, and it is funny all over again! Next we will get the movie, but they want to see the old one that I saw back then - not any new ones. ha!