Saturday, March 23, 2013

The soundtrack of my morning

Around here we get up EARLY!! Way early.
5:00 AM early.
Really, I get up first and I am up for about thirty minutes by myself.
In that time I make three lunches and get all of the breakfast stuff out.
Then, I go to wake up Elena and Victor.
While they eat their choice of breakfast..I eat
This has been our routine since the beginning of this school year.
In the beginning it was very quiet when I got up by myself.
It was stressful too.
That is a bit too early to be up, really.
I would sort of feel stressed.
Petting Spot and Prissy would calm me down a bit.
They wake up too, and have to go out, and in, and out, and in.
So we play the doggie game too.
But those tiny heart palpitations did not go away.
They were always sort of {there}--a little bit of nervousness.
The nerves of being in a hurry--all the time!!

Enter Pandora radio

Now, and for the past several months--I get up and put
the radio on the Norah Jones station.
Ay que musica!!
That selection of music relaxes me so much.
It makes my morning sweet!
Pandora mixes up the tunes with some Norah Jones and
some {like} Norah Jones...
Two of my faves are:
Carla Bruni singing the song--you belong to me..the one about no matter where you
roam, and how great it is, just remember "you belong to me"--so sweet!
I really think of my children growing up when I hear that song, even though I think it is about a lover.
the other one is that Hawiian guy singing and humming and playing the ukelele to "over the rainbow" That one just reminds me of Elena being a baby, b/c it was on some commercial then at Christmas time and I would hold her and hum that song.

So, if you have situations that STRESS YOU OUT, and you are
near Pandora radio--play a station that will de-stress you!!
Let the music work for you. ;)
It sure has for me.

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Bethany said...

YES! Love that station too - Carla Bruni, AND I have the same memory of that ukelele song from my baby girls and that commercial! Ay que musica indeed, amiga. XO to a fellow early riser. But - do your kids have radar, for when you get up early for a little Me Time? My time feels very brief and then they are creeping in to see what I am doing. :)