Thursday, April 4, 2013

Staycation 2013

I have referred to vacations as, "changes of scenery" for some time now.
We do enjoy changing our environs when we get the chance, however, for
this week we decided to stay put.
Easter came relatively early this year.
It has been chilly.
We had lots to do, and I have been worn out!!
All of these factors led to our decision to just stay put! ya!
So here is what we have done:
We enjoyed last Saturday, bumming around --we went to an impromptu birthday party and played in the yard.
Sunday--we went to church and to my Mama and Daddy's for lunch in our pretties and then we rested--all afternoon, oh! and I went to the Grocery store
Monday--Andy slept at his mom's and I cleaned out Elena's closet (Eva's closet too). We also cleaned out the toy drawers under their bed, AND we went to Greenville for a little shopping--oh and Eva got her ears pierced!! :) This was a fun trip to Greenville--frozen yogurt, Ch!kfileigh, and Book store--Perfection! :)
Tuesday--we had to go to the Dr. first thing!! We needed an allergy shot and to have Elena's funky ear issue checked. --Check! Check!
Then we had lunch at Grandma's and then we went running more errands for a new adventure that I am going to undertake this Summer. (let's just say we were doing office kinds of things). We went out to eat Tues. night b/c Andy woke up and he wanted to see some people when he finished hibernating. We also finished paying for a piece of artwork that I have been paying for for several months--exciting!! We got to hang it when we got home from eating.
Wednesday--We woke up late, we went to eat with my Mom and my Aunt for lunch, then we played, then I went running more {errands} for my {project}. Last night I just watched lots of junk TV--there has been a lot of junk TV this week!
Thursday--today we woke up late, we watched junk TV, and then we went to watch the 3D version of the Croods--So cute!! I have always loved to think about what the cave people thought about. Apparently someone at the Hollywood movie factory does too. :) Today I have enjoyed a marathon of this Tabatha show on Bravo!! OMG--she is so fun to watch--she overhauls salons across the country. People are so entertaining!

Somewhere in there I cleaned out and organized our {important papers} file box. My own version of organizing it, vamos.

Tomorrow I have the goal of cleaning out Victor's room--his toys need to be looked over, reconsidered, and thinned out considerably. ;).
We have had a blast doing all this!
My children have not complained once about not having anything to do. We always run, and run, and this week we got to stroll a bit.

Did I mention the marathon of that Tabatha show?? What a treat!

Om...and I also want to peak at the clothes in the attic that are Springy--Venga dama primavera!! We are needed the warmth around here, desperately! (does that sound too desperate?) LOL!

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