Friday, April 5, 2013

Staycation update:

So I left out our vet visit yesterday.
That is something I always dread doing.
going to take the dog to the dr. (and then paying 300.00) yikes!
We seldom have the clams to dish out for this kind of thing..
BUT!! It is absolutely necessary. ABSOLUTELY.
So now they have their shots, they have their flea/tick prevention, and a shot to prevent heart worms...
They are both healthy.

One other update: My sister is coming to visit today and she is going to get her hair cut at my stylist's salon!! yay!!
This will be fun. :)

And!! Guess who has a book from childhood that is worth 50.00???
Eva has been carrying this around for days.
I found it in my closet--do y'all remember Jem? (I loved her!)
Well, this book has been hiding out in my closet and we brought it out.
This is Eva's (3)'s {chapter book}.
No more! When I saw that one was sold on Ebay for 50.00--I requested that she surrender my high dollar goods--to be stored on Dad's dresser. LOL--which is a hoot if you all remember my Andy's dresser post, you know why that is funny!


Anonymous said...

I love Jem

Bethany said...

I love your two staycation posts!! Day by day, gettin' it done. I am guessing atyour summer {project} and I might know... ;-) I don't know Jem! But, woohoo - and haha for storing it on Andy's dresser. That book will be safe for months! But dust-free, for sure.