Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The new show, "Breaking Am1sh" is on that learning channel.
I have watched a couple 1/2 times...and I cannot bear to watch.
This might drive home a point to me...Not all anthropological studies are meant to
be enjoyed by me, specifically.
This show surely appeals to some people.
I am not one of them.
Here is why:
This show {to me} exploits these people and their follies during one of the most tender times in any person's life--from 15 to 25.
This period is called, "The green period" by some.
It is a time of experimentation--trying the boundaries--making an a$$ out of oneself.
You, my dear readers, can fill in more blanks on that one, I am sure.
It is a time when everyone in a family just prays and prays that (sweetie) will come out of the other side alright...

Now, my whole life I have had this very pure and sweet picture of the Amish--I realize
this might be completely untrue--but it is what the Strawberry shortcake part of my brain has chosen to believe.
They seem simple--in that old quaker song kind of way.
They seem pure and calm, and dignified.

Taking teenagers/young adults during their green period and filming them--when they come from the amish culture--eek!--What a train wreck.
My skin crawls watching these young ones cussing and {all the rest that they do}.
--and if you know me, or read my blog, you know that a curse occasionally passes my lips--
Watching these guys use potty mouth, however, is disturbing on another level.

In a moment of bloggy fusion the other night Bethany already heard this post--live! from Whootentown road.

For everyone else who was not there, I said to her, "breaking redneck" "breaking ghetto" "Breaking guido" --breaking whatever else that one could think of that is some sub set of our population is almost acceptable.
I can take it, thus my love of "The Real World" for 20 years. LOL.
BUT--watching these Amish kids go from pitchforking hay and handpumping water for their autos (AKA horses)--to dropping f-bombs every other word...
It's like if you pour hot grease into a cold jar--it just bursts into chards all of a sudden--
and it surprises you, and disturbs you..

Well, in short, I do not recommend it.

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Bethany said...

Oh yeah... true! I have the same (haha!), "strawberry shortcake" ideas of the Amish. It's too much, move on Amurca. Breaking guido, lol.