Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wishing for:

On a lighter note than my most recent posts--just in case you took that second one seriously...
Here are two things that I am wanting these days:
One of them is the Clarisonic Mia-2 (or heck, one for that matter!) I just think this is so exfoliation machine for your face. ;).
This has been offered at discounts several times and I have {almost} bought one! They are often offered in sets with very appealing face products as part of the package...
I have resisted! {yes! Go me!}
The next thing is a Holly Aiken purse.
These are in a store here in our downtown.
They are so cute to me.
This person is a handbag designer in Raleigh.
Her bags are --well--I am at a lack for words--imagine that! LOL.
They are clean style--in good sizes--and pretty.
How's that?

So, one day I might have one of these, but if not, I think I will make it. LOL.
My reverse a purse is rocking out on six years and it is still looking okay for a summer bag.
My face looks {better} since the dermatologist gave me good no worries about having an exfoliation machine. LOL.

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Bethany said...

Hey, I just read in O mag about those exfoliators & comparing a cheaper version... the cheapie came out good! If you decide to get one. :) Cool purses... love that blue one...