Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hands, Icons, and swimsuits

Lately, as in the past five years or so, I have noticed a preponderance of things that are being done, "by hand."
The reason I know is b/c they are advertised as such.
The OTHER reason I know is b/c --how the hell else would you do it?
One example is the ice cream shop--if the ice cream is not soft serve--then
it is scooped by hand, no?
There is no need to advertise, "hand scooped"
--I mean unless there were a possibility to invest in some kind of robot scooper??--
Which, to my knowledge, there is not.
There are many others...this is the one that drives me nuts!
Can you think of others, have you noticed this?

On to Icons--which exist all around us!  Icons are everywhere--have you noticed?
Every celebrity and everything they wear--is an Icon or Iconic.
The overuse of this word makes me want to vomit, almost as much as most
of the celebrities that are referred to as such.
Please stop overusing that word--e! channel and everyone on it...
AND all the {news} people on the gossip shows...
And even the {real} news people over do this one.

And on to swimsuits.
I am noticing all of these photos that are meant to sell swimsuits, and the suit does
not fit the model.
As in, my breasts are a nice silicone size E cup, and the top of this suit is a size 4.
--ick again!--
Get a 32E--Good luck finding one sister!
and another suit was a tankini and the line that was supposed to go
under the breast was going right through the middle!
???  Did professional photographers and editors take and approve those shots??
If you want to see what I am talking about check out Rue La La.
It is like an online TJM@xx for rich people.
The swim fotos on there are ridiculous! LOL
I tried to grab a picture--but the site would not let me, or something.

(Notice I did put a comma before "and" up there in the title--leaving that comma out is a new trend that drives me bonkers is supposed to be there!!

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