Sunday, June 2, 2013

Check it out!!!

I am on Youtube--
My children were my production team this morning.
We went out to the side yard, to the saucer magnolia: AKA the Tulip Tree. :)
They recorded me with the I-Pad, and they held my letter signs for me.

The also critiqued my abilities.
"Oh mama!--you picked your nose after that one!" --So it doesn't matter that
we also recorded your feet at the end...--got erased.
"Oh mama! no worries that I got confused with the pop up from you tube b/c you yawned on that one any way."

So I am up there--providing pronunciation guides for the Spanish and English vowel sounds.
--along with a bazillion other people! :)--Hey language nerd friends, how are ya?
I am going to watch some of their videos too.

My class starts tomorrow night.
Wish on an eyelash for me, friends. :)
This is a bit out of my comfort zone, but here goes...that dive
into the cold {deep end} of the {high dive} of the pool.
Maybe, actually, it is not that far outside of my comfort zone...
maybe the water is just cold. :)


Bethany said...

Very, very best of luck to you, mi amiga! I am excited for you doing something new. Keeps the noggin hopping and the spirit young, right? Going to find you on youtube, post the link, in case I can't find you!

Melissa said...

ill have to check that out..don't forget tto update my blog address on your blogroll