Monday, June 10, 2013

Basket o fries

Andy and I went out to eat two times this past weekend.
This is pretty uncommon.
In both restaurants we noted that it would have been so nice if there
would have been an automatic, "Basket o fries"
You see the family come in, you bring the basket.
Neither restaurant had this.
Not even if you wanted it.
There were fries on the menu, but not
an automatic "basket o fries"
Now I will count to three and let you think of why
this "basket o fries"  would be so wonderful....
You got it?
For the kids!!
We each had beer!
Fries are not even that craveworthy to me either, btw.
But for the kids, who are hungry...
bring em out, people.
Don't even ask any questions..
Just serve it up!
Basket o Fries!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Can I get a woopwoop! Completely. Automatically. Like the chips n salsa - only Amurcan style.