Sunday, June 16, 2013

The last day of school 2013

 Here they are on June 10th in the morning when they first got up, before they got ready to go.
Elena's last day of second grade, and Victor's last day of  Kindergarten.
Blink your eyes, and a school year passes, my bloggy buddies!

Now this post is notable because these pictures came from my new camera.  The camera will upload photos to the web straight from the camera.
My first attempt, however, to get prints resulted in the following:
I had to upload the pictures to facebook and then I had to grab the fotos from facebook over to Walgreen's--so when I went to get the prints, they were awful!
They were so grainy etc.
When I put pictures directly onto the computer (which one can also do wirelessly) and then sent them to Walgreen's they came out way better.
I am still not sure about this camera...
The jury is out, but I am keeping it, b/c in the meantime my old camera got mad at me for leaving it, and decided to stop cooperating!
This morning I discovered that I can put the pictures on Picasa, and then put them onto my blog...nice.
Picasa is the default storage space for my blog fotos anyway--(Did ya'll know this?)  It's all b/c of google etc.
No problem.  Now I will just upload all of my fotos to there.
Now, to figure out if there is a foto service that accesses Picasa...anyone know the answer to that question?

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Bethany said...

Well look at you, all wireless camera and such! :) Tricky biz, that uploading to the correct place stuff. I have google/picasa/ and I still just upload & print at walgreen's. Nearby, simple, done. I think there's an online ordering, mail thingy, but I never want to wait. ;-)