Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gimmicks and Gadgets

This week has really driven home for me just how much I love gadgets and gimmicks...
My newest addition to my wonderful gadget collection is my Clarisonic Mia...I love it!!
I really do.
For years I have wanted one, and finally, I found a deal!
Just in case you want a deal on one I got mine from Acc Town online.
It was {way} cheaper.  They only offered white (I would have picked one of those floral ones), and it came in a slightly beat up looking box..?? {hmm hmm}..
BUT--who cares!?  It is obviously the real thing.
It came unopened straight from the Bronx NYC...oh yeah...
and it cost about fifty bucks less!
On to my gimmick...
In the US weekly last week a card came for smell a vision!
The smells were gonna come from yesterday's episode of Honey Boo Bo0.
So I was very all excited over this.
My kids even watched and scratched and sniffed the card.
It kind of reminded me of eighties stuff like garbage pail kids.

Funny thing though...
Andy totally does not understand this...his answer to the sonic movement of a 
Mia brush head???--a washcloth!! LOL!
Silly guy..those have been around {forever}.

His commentary while we all scratched and sniffed the numbered circles to fully experience Honey boo bo0's world??
OMG Susan, I cannot believe you are watching this...
No, I do not think that a scratch n sniff card makes it all worth it..
You are so silly!  you are such a sucker for a gimmick!


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Bethany said...

This *actually* made me LOL ;-) Not just fake it. I get it! Yesterday, I was looking for some scratch & sniff stickers for a Bday gift - thinking, what happened to allt he coold old school things that we loved? Scentted erasers, scented markers, scented stickers... they can be hard to find these days. ;0)