Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Harmony is what you can hear when all the notes of some music blend perfectly together.
Harmony is what you can feel when things feel {alright}.  Most of the time things in my life are in harmony.
Right now, however, they are not.
The decisions that our legislature is making are so revolting and repulsive...
I just cannot believe that in N.C. we have elected a set of people who hold public education so low in their priority list, and really seem to be out to destroy our public school system.
It is unbelievable to me.
I cannot understand what their motives are.
I cannot understand what they think the outcomes will be.
I wonder how they were all education, and their children???
The readers of my blog are probably from all different backgrounds etc. (LOL) :)
BUT--the people I know, and as far back in my family history as I know of--we are public education people! 
It's being flushed down the political toilet my dear bloggy buddies, and I am mourning the loss with every swirl of the water.
SAD, SAD, and SAD.
No harmony for my brain right now...or heart...or brain...(not sure where this feeling is coming from, probably it is both).

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Bethany said...

A love-hate post.. :( Love that pic of your cuties making harmony... hate what is going on with education. Our schools are revolving doors lately - both elem & middle have had 3 principals in the past 3 years. Teachers leaving... the teachers are, sadly, as frustrated as we are with the red tape and decision-making. :(