Monday, October 21, 2013

mixing it up

For a couple years now I have felt like I am in a rut in my job.
It seems like after a certain number of years things seem very {automatic}.
Feeling this way has made me in the world did our parents have the same jobs for
thirty years!! ??
I asked my Dad...I cannot remember what his answer was..maybe I was not ready to listen.
Or maybe it was one of those questions that got an "are you kidding?" response.
People like my Dad don't stop to ask themselves if they like their work very often..
He just does whatever it is he is supposed to be doing.
I mostly feel that way...
Your job is your job, and be glad you have it, and do your best every day etc.

I think what happens when I get in one of these ruts is I get mischevious..
So last year I brainstormed doing translating and interpreting and
becoming certified.
I taught a Spanish class...
I also spent the year on a very big mission to exercise regularly and consistently and eat very
healthy food all the time...
Just to keep things interesting, I think??

This year-- I am still in a job rut, but I am keeping things interesting by taking on leadership
kinds of tasks that I have avoided in the past, and by
deciding that I do not, in fact, need to drive myself crazy and get up at five AM
each day...
i can be crazy and get up at six instead!! yes!
So now I am thinking change it up and work out in the afternoon--just to see if that will make me feel less stressed and more in the moment.  Usually I crash after school, but maybe having a work out to do will keep my going???

The point of this definitely NOT to prove how regular and boring my life is!! LOL
It is just to point out that sometimes switching up the tiniest little part of the day can make some excitement...or at least make you re-think things.
OR--I do have to get up and go to my job every day, I DONOT have to get up at five AM and go crazy rushing around.

How do you all keep it {interesting}?

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Melissa said...

cool idea to mix it up!!