Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I did it again! :)

I just used the code FallB2P to print the 2009 year of my blog.
It gave me 15% off.
This is fabulous, and it reminds me --even more--that I need to document life's happenings via blog.
Just click, click, click, and there you have it!
A bound memory book complete with soap box posts and all...
speaking of..I have not had many of those lately.
Morgan, we need some soap box time together. :)
Laura, this is the perfect idea for you, bc/ you really use your blog to document memories, and your posts are really like foto essays of your life...
Did anyone else make one after the last time I made one?

I can't wait til it gets here! :)

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Laura Smith said...

Susan...Yay for a new book! Yes, I make one every year. That is one reason I put so many pictures on the blog. I use the program "blurb" because it allows you to make changes to the format. I love reading your "soapboxes"! Keep them coming!