Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday morning techie sesh...

For several months now I have had several technological issues just hanging over my head.  They were: 
I do not know how to use the laptop that has windows 8 that we JUST BOUGHT.
Whenever my IPad tells me that I need to make a cloud...I totally believe the IPad--it is smarter than I am after all, but I just don't know what in the world I need to do to actually have my own cloud.
(I want a pink fluffy sunset one btw).
My {wonderful Samsung camera} that is supposed to just send your pics straight to the computer...would not do that, and it was really bugging me.
I wanted to go to Snapfish and make some stuff...
So with a list like this I decided that I would just own this morning, steal it away, and check off my list.
So far I: have uploaded my pictures from Samsung camera to the computer via the {cord}, spoken with a cute Indian fella in a not-so-nice tone of voice.  He was instructing me to take the battery pack off the back of the laptop...and then a wild redneck beast lady told him that, "no, I think my husband will kill me if I take the damn thing apart" He chuckled.
I have made a sky drive...woo whoo!!  Then I put my PC picture files into it..oh that is fancy.
I currently have my pictures importing themselves into Snapfish.
I sent an order in to Walgreens of fotos to send to Andy's uncle..
This techie morning is sailing right along!
It started out with wild rage when I was uploading my fotos (via cord) and the whole computer screen just freaking blinked away!! (Thus the phone call to India for some great tech. Advice).
I actually just hung up on that guy...then I googled the stuff.  Then my six year old said, "mama just cut it off and cut it back on again."  --that worked.
His Star Wars game was the thing that popped up all of a sudden! 
So, in the meantime I checked into my super fab camera's menus and discovered that, in fact, my camera DOES know how to send the pictures to my computer without having to be connected via cord.  Now isn't that fancy???
Sometimes, at 35, I feel like a technological dinosaur..for reals.
Whilst completing all of this techie wonderfulness I have composed a soap box post!
That will come next, b/c I want y'all to have a chance to read this one first. :)
Is anyone still out there reading?
BTW Bethany...I was loving the ones you posted last night! :)

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Bethany said...

My bloggy buuuuud!! I have missed our blogginess and volleys. I feel like a tech-nosaur too sometimes - and then I do what you have done! I sit down and figure it out until it works. Smartie, aren't we. Miss ya! XO
PS I agree w/ V - my 1st line of defense is always the turn off-turn on again! haha