Sunday, March 2, 2014

I found...

...something SO good to watch.
Melissa, Bethany, this is for you!
It is called, "Call the midwife"  It is a British show.  I was on Netflix and they recommended this for me.
Oh my! --It is the same kind of good as "Downton Abbey"  
The filming is beautiful!
The stories are just enthralling.
It is the story of a midwife in Post World War II England--she lives in a Convent with some nuns and other midwives.  The midwives are in their early twenties.  
The area they work is the East End of London, which apparently is the place where the poor live, and the where the immigrants live when they arrive etc.
So, the newest season comes on PBS March 30th, but if you hurry, you can watch seasons one and two on Netflix so you will be all caught up.
I watched two seasons in the matter of one week--That is how good this show is.
Now, for season three--I am going to stick to watching it on the tele, as I need my TV rationed out for me. 


Melissa said...

Thanks!! I will try that, I am ALWAYS looking for goood suggestoin!!! Thanks!

Bethany said...

Cool!! Was wondering what I would watch tonight when it's quiet... and Rick is traveling... :)