Saturday, March 1, 2014

Top O the Mornin To ye!

It is Saturday morning and we are all up bright and early.
6:00 AM to be exact.
Usually we have pancakes a la Andy on Saturdays in the morning, and they are cooked at around 9:00 Am, but yesterday I stopped at the yummy bakery and picked up bakery treats.  Can you see Eva's face?  true to mothering odds--she did not like hers. ;).  --before she even tried it she knew!
We had one Cinnamon Roll, one Chocolate Croisant, and one nutella tart!  
So, while I was laying in the bed with Eva and Victor--where we all convene on Saturday mornings with two dogs to boot--we had the strangest conversations--led by the wandering thoughts of children.
First off, Victor:  --from his bedroom, before he even got up..."Hey mama, one time I found a dime at Food Lion and another time I found one at McDonald's.
Eva:  Mama--I don't care if I find a dime, because I just like pennies better, anyway.
Eva:  Why did God make us have eyes?  And.. why does he make them so they see?
Me:  I do not know the answer to that Eva, except to say that God made everything, and he made it all happen just the way he wanted.  Isn't that amazing?
Victor:  If I had a really big loom, like this big (gesture)--he was now lying beside of me snuggling--I could make longer bracelets and I would not have to add parts at the end. 
Me:  I hear the dogs at the door, I think they want to come in...
Eva:  Okay Mama I will go and get them real quick.
Eva:  --gesturing with her hands:  Mama--this is my little magic sparkle ball--giggle, giggle..
Elena came in at some point too, and I think she was laughing at Prissy b/c Prissy was standing on her hind legs like an otter and we were calling her a "dotter".
That is the morning before seven A.M. AND it is so sweet!
I have not even had my coffee yet!
I just really want to hold on to some of these memories and conversations that one can only have with a group of children under twelve. ;).  

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Bethany said...

Love it. Love the sweetness.