Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coming back??

The blogging traffic has been light lately.
The last time I  posted was a while ago.
I think that I am coming back!
Recently I decided that Facebook is not for me.
So, I have cancelled my account.
Therefore, if I want to cyber exhibit my life, this will be my vehicle.
Also, I have an itch to make some kind of excitement in my life...
Conquer a reading list?
Become a no waste home for the summer?
(have y'all checked out that blog?)
Whatever my excitement is, it has to be free or near free.
All of our summer money will be spent before summer
Free excitement it is!
Ideas anyone?
Whatever my idea is, I will blog about it.
No waste is seeming like my favorite so far.
Trying to be trash free is really a challenge in today's world of {buy new plastic Easter Eggs every year}.
My children thought I have lost my mind when I was trying to explain catching the waste water in a buckeet (from the shower) and then dumping it into the toilet...
They will need an example I think.
Melissa was baking recently, and that is fun too...maybe will do some healthy baking and blog about that!
I also have two stories to tell, so those will be forthcoming.

The End--for now...


Melissa said...

hopefully this will inspire me too!! yay!

Bethany said...

I'm ready - tell your stories...
I hear ya, you do your thing and enjoy ;-)