Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pea Green

...with envy!
Has anyone watched "Gone with the Wind?"
In that movie Scarlett says that at some point.
Lately, envy has reared its ugly head in my world.
Facebook is a source, but I also think that Facebook alone does not make one jealous.
One must be in a {funky} state to begin with in order to look on Facebook and become jealous of mere {aquaintances}.
Recently I mentioned my philosophy on Jealousy, which I have had for a very long time....since I was around 12.
There is no need for it because If you are jealous of someone for any reason, you only have two choices:
1.  Get what they have--work hard etc, and figure out how to have that thing, or situation, or {whatever}
2.  Realize that you are not gonna have that {thing} and get the hell over it!
I mean jealousy is a terrible feeling and if every part of your logical mind tells you "that ain't ever gonna happen."--Then you need to just forget that {thing} and get the hell over it!
The END.
So, at 35 I have just been wallowing in jealousy!
I get on facebook and see someone who sells butt lift videos for a living in a {pyramid} sales fashion from her house--and I will be!--she and her husband are going on a cruise--FORFREE! b/c she has sold so many butt lift videos!!
**What I am thinking**
Why in the HELL did I spend six years becoming educated to have a job at which I will never even make 50 thousand dollars a year???-When I could sell F*cking butt lift videos and go on cruises!!???
I can tell ya....sometimes having a {profession} no vale la pena!  Some days there is not a lot of gratification in what I do.
If, however, I were not on facebook-- I would barely know this person.  I certainly would not know about her all expense paid cruise--points against facebook!
I guess anyone who reads this blog can take this example and multiply this by ten and then there is the facebook fun/my life is wonderful/boastfest that I have decided I can no longer suffer.
Now, to stop this terrible wave of jealousy that has swept over me...that is another story.
It is totally my problem...some mindset thing...and it will change! :)


Melissa said...

I know what you mean, ignorance is bliss! I liked not knowing what random people were up to!

Bethany said...

There are so many of us feeling that! I mean, it is unrealistic nonsense for me to even BE "friends" with most of these people that I haven't seen since I grad. HS in '93. If I was connected on FB with the people I would like updates from, I am happy to say my friend list would be an intimate circle :) Friends With Substance - trademark it.
But PC and societal norms force to forever and ever be Friends with random people - or get off FB and miss the at-times valuable news and connections.
I feel ya. Go butt-lift lady. HA