Friday, May 30, 2014

At the old ball game

 This is where we have been spending a bit of time lately.  I must say that when Victor hits the ball and runs the heart skips a beat! :)
Thank God for athletic genes, none of which came from me, by the way.
I am so glad I got these two pictures.  When we go to games I do not take my camera etc.
We just go out there and sit and watch.
I just took it out there so that one time I could get a couple of pictures.
Victor has had an awesome season!  We have had fun.
It is amazing to watch these seven and eight year old little boys play ball. 
So anything else that I say is going to just sound like Mama rambling, therefore, I will stop!
Enjoy the fotos. :)
Can you see they are looking up to see where the ball is going to go? 
Okay, I stop now...

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Bethany said...

Yes! This made me grin - thinking of us, sitting at all of our ball games, surely the same time a lot. Boys are awesome little creatures. Way to go V-man!!