Sunday, May 18, 2014

La comunion

Count it!
Another first.
A catholic communion.
The first communion of a little girl, all dressed in white.
Our friend Yineth had her first communion yesterday.
We do have a Catholic Church in our little town.  There used to be a Catholic school (now an empty building, save for the confirmation classes that happen there).
It was beautiful!
The mass was held in Spanish and in English.
Not repeating one another, sino complimenting one another, with some scripture being read in English, and other scripture being read in Spanish.
The Priest spoke his own version of Spanish, I refer to as "the best he could"
--probably very much like the one I speak
The word he cannot say, "conocimiento."
He butchered it every time! LOL
Yineth was just beautiful!
I was amazed by the liturgy.
It was HEAVY!
The word, "medieval" comes to mind.
Which, might not be a fair word, but this is my blog, so I don't aim to be fair.
The priest quoted St. Thomas Aquinas when he talked about faith.
It was all just fascinating.
No, I was not invited to take communion.
I am not Catholic.
This was all laid out for us, my children, my Mama, and me.
This has happened to me before in very evangelical protestant churches that specify "unless one is saved one may not partake of holy communion."
All of that is foreign to me, as at my church everyone who is a believer is invited to take communion.
Being {saved} is a matter of one's own heart and their relationship with the Holy Spirit.
It is all very interesting.
The communion service is EXACTLY the same, btw.
The priest read almost exactly what my Preacher reads.
I just loved it!

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