Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Funny Movie Club

People tend to relate to their fellow employees.
If one is lucky one might even find friends at work.
At a school a group of friends needs to find some way to {release} tension.

Funny movies are just about the only ones worth watching.
Scary--not acceptable, don't like 'em
Kiddie movies--I actually like 'em when my children want to watch them.

So put school friends who need to laugh and funny movies together and one might form a
That has unofficially happened among my work friends.

We go out to eat.
Have a couple drinks, and then go to see a funny movie...the kind that make you laugh
so damn hard!

Tonight we watched "Tammy."
Then we said good-bye to one of our funny movie club friends!
She is moving {home} to Pennsylvania.
Lucky her!--It is good to go home again.

We all did laugh really hard.

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