Friday, October 24, 2014


Every now and then I wake up at some crazy hour and I just worry and over think every thing that is going on around me at the speed of {life}.
This day I was worrying about red ribbon week at V-man's school.  There was an event every day and Victor did none of them b/c it was my job to get all the stuff together and organize it all.
Silly sock day.  Favorite sports jersey day.  Book character day...
I.  Did.  Nothing.
What a terrible mother!
So what do I do when this happens???--I wake Andy up too.  Then I tell him all that worries me.
Then he says something funny and we both end up laughing very loud.
Then, the kids wake up and come in here b/c we are loud--4:00AM by this time.
When Victor came into my room I asked him all about Red Ribbon Week and if he is upset b/c we did not get all of that together etc.
and he said....
"Mama, that's next week!" 
And...for all you blog followers out is a silly picture for you:
A trailer with an airplane sticking out of the top.  It has been there since last May when the tornado hit.  
Have a great weekend!

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Bethany said...

Awesome pic. :) Yes, yes, the midnight worries. Mine are of the animal nature - and I don't wake anyone up to chat! Maybe I should. ;-) GO red ribbon week! We had it last week. On the last day I was done with it. I told Phoenix it was "normal clothes" day. Luckily, the girls were over it too, and so they were happy to be normal again. Ahhhh...