Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Acorns in the wind

Instead of Buckshot...just another title for random thoughts.
Also, acorns don't blow in the wind, so laugh now, as it is supposed to be funny!
{I am laughing at myownself.}

**Annoying linguistic trend of the season:  People leading every thought or paragraph with "so".
This is quickly going to be the next, "like".  Find another transition word, please!  "so" has an official grammatical be the transition of your every thought is not it.
This trend started on N.P.R.--but now even the PTA moms at my very rural school are doing is SUPER annoying--no matter who is using it.
*  Winter sucks!  All of a sudden all I wanna do is hide out!
Today at work I had to wear a damned tobogan on my head and I can't take it off b/c my office is cold and I have to go out every 30 minutes might as well stay warm, right?  ugh...
**why in the HELL?? is everyone all of a sudden taking professional pictures of everything they do?? the pictures are cute--but is everygoddamnthing that fucking special??--(I know there is a lot of emphasis there, but my winter bad mood has officially kicked in (maybe I should call the local professional photographer to foto me on my dirty ass couch, drinking beer in my tobogan with my mean-ass grimmace on my face)--I mean revealing the gender of your fetus??--all of your pregnancy fotos--by a professional photog??? baby's first boogar...G.D. Enough is one needs to do all of this...too much celebrating already..okay??  shit! PS if you photograph the conception, that is officially called Porno if you post it of F@c3b00k.  Okay? Okay.
newsflash--they are gonnaendupinaboxin a closet--you don't have enough walls for all that shit!
Just fyi in case you want to know that shit ahead of time --also, we are not all supermodels, nor are we all professional photographers, so don't quit your day job--or if you just don't have one, maybe you should join the rest of us and be miserable as f*c! every morning and "haul your ass down to vascolindas and hang drywall at the new mcdonald's" (thank you OfficeSpace for all my favorite work-related quotes)--or turn in some t.p.a. reports..etc.
Those are my three thoughts for today...
three acorns!
that is all..

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Melissa said...

keep flying your acorns..this was good..i need to update