Sunday, November 9, 2014

When you're the runner-up

You only get a medal.
You. only. get. a. medal.

AND when you are seven, eight, or nine; apparently the trophy is the only thing that matters.
The glory of being champion is only trumped by the plastic, gold-painted statue, which must be had!
The win is not the thing.
The trophy is the thing.

Yesterday our team was the runner-up.
All day long, leading up to the play-off game, there were tales of trophies past.
They had spinny things...
They were blue.
They were tall.
The little boys were all so excited and full of confidence that this trophy would be theirs.

Alas, it was not to be!
NOPE.  The other team from our town beat us!--a tough blow, to be honest--
BUT--at the end of it all Victor told us, that it would have been alright if the runner-up team would have gotten a trophy!--Darn it!
Not, if we would have won.
Sino, if we would have been awarded a trophy!

When we were little they were still made of metal I think.
Nowadays they, like most other things, are made of plastic.
No.  Matter.  Trophy is trophy.

P.S.  I have never been awarded a trophy for anything! 
I never played all this stuff when I was little.
So, no trophies.  Oh, and I really think they should give kids who make all A's trophies.
I did do that!

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Bethany said...

SO True! Ah the plastic trophy... You {should} have gotten a trophy - why did good students only get paper certificates? Go ahead and soapbox the role of competitive sports vs academics. ;-)