Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Remember to eat your peas {and collards}.

Black Eyed Peas are a staple of New Year's Eve/day around here.
We always ate them when I was little.
They give you good luck for the new year, you know.
My sister used to take about three like pills b/c she did not like to eat them, LOL!
That was a creative solution, no?

Collards are said to bring wealth.
That was something other people said, and I am sure it is a regional 
tradition, but we did not do that at my house.

In a bit, I am off to get my peas from my Mama's house.
Some for me, and some for the kids.
We all need good fortune, and my kids will actually eat peas.
I will bring some home for Andy.
We are gonna eat oysters for our NYE meal, and watch Taylor Swift on TV.

We do not have any collards to eat, that I know of, but I might find some by the end of the day...
You just never know, collards are pretty ubiquitous around here.
Don't these look yummy?
I can tell you, they are. :)

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