Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eva playin babies {2}

Eva was playing and playing this morning.  I just love to watch her play.  While she played I ate breakfast, worked out, and showered.  This whole time she was just a playin!  When I was in my room getting ready (see bottom picture) she was sitting on my bed cutting up a piece of yellow cardboard into tiny bits.  For a brief second I thought...why in the world is that so fun for all kids?  Mindlessly cutting up paper into tiny's done by all kids all over, and cleaned up by all moms.  I did not say one word, and I quickly quelled all negative thoughts.  I just watched and listened.  Turns out she was making homemade macaroni and cheese for her babies! yep.  A foodie mom, that Eva is!  She said her babies just love it.  They love all the food she makes, "They will eat anything in the whole state!"  --that is how good her babies are!  After they ate half the bowl of homemade mac n cheese she read them a book.  Then they took a drive in the doll baby car.  Those babies have it good, real good!
This post sort of harkens back to my old posts.  I realized that I want to keep this stuff in my memories.  It is absolutely precious to me.  Precious.  
PS--on a not-so-precious note, I have to be the freakin tooth fairy and Santa tonight!  WTF??
Andy is at work, so a lot of imaginary shit is all on my shoulders tonight.  For a person who finds {pretend} play to be so enchanting, having to pretend my ownself presents quite a burden for me!

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Melissa said...

lol..cute! Merry Christmas1