Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The last road trip {home}

Suzanne had driven this drive for twelve years.  She could check herself out at exit 273B and check back in when she had to make the big U turn to get onto 264.  No biggie.  Only this time her Toyota Camry was filled to the brim with babies and stuff.  She had all the last bits of stuff from the condo and two toddlers in the car, and she was headed to her furnished and well-loved house in Wishington. The first thing she would want to do was drink a cold beer with her friend under the carport at her house and just hang out.  Maybe a road trip to the beach for the day was in the cards...just like in high school.
Suzanne sought out all the fun things to do in Wishington.  Each Saturday there was a local farmer's market downtown on the waterfront! (yippie!)  She did want to go back to her church and just see where she wanted to go to church....the little, country church where she grew up, or the bigger in-town church where she was confirmed and attended youth group--such a toss up! Meanwhile Randy was investigating a new career, one that would have him working in town, instead of traveling all the time (which had driven Suzanne a bit crazy, what with all the babies and all).
Suzanne and Randy spent the summer fighting and making up, and eating {Friday night  pizza} straight out of the Animal Vegetable Miracle recipes.  They went swimming in the river and at the Country Club Pool--as {visitors} of Randy's parents.  The summer was a mix of crazy, mad, and fun. They only had the fall to look forward to, which would bring a new job for Suzanne and more school for Randy.  --More. School.
Suzanne's {friends} had yet to come out of the woodwork.  That one from highschool was mostly in Hiding--there were no spur of the moment moments of camaraderie.  Some times people from far away ventured into the swamp to visit--and that was awesome!
Suzanne quickly realized that going to the grocery store up the road was an invitation to FREAK out. There was zero anonimity.  If you were to bet a pay check on seeing a known person--you could make double pay all the time.  She ALWAys saw someone she knew.  Or, she knew people who knew her (mama and daddy) were all around.  Yes.  True.
She was still blissful, however.
Still full of bliss!

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Bethany said...

yes!! people visiting the swamp from far away are awesome ;-) Be full of bliss!!