Thursday, December 18, 2014

back to the condo

I realized, after I wrote that last post, that there was nothing about a condo in the post!
The condo was the cozy little spot where Randy and Suzanne and their two toddlers camped out with the bare minimum before they moved back to Wishington.  It was old, the tub only ran scalding hot water, there was only one eye on the stove--it was bare bones, but it was still in a place that was near TJ Maxx, a Harris Teeter, a get the picture.
The condo living was kind of fun.  Plus Suzanne had all the excitement of knowing that soon she would be back in her picturesque small town surrounded by all of the people she {knew} and loved.
The six weeks of living in that Condo were dear ones.  The children caught lightening bugs in the grassy yard.  They ate mulberries from the mulberry bush in the yard.  Suzanne spent her time reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and Skinny Bitch.  Both of these books would be very influential for Suzanne for the whole summer to come.  Meanwhile, Randy continued to travel for his beloved job as an archaeologist.  He was not at the condo too much.  They also enjoyed those last several weeks by going to farmers' markets, and music festivals all over their urban jungle paradise.
So that is the condo in a nutshell.
Fun.  Short.  Sweet.  Bare bones.  It was the last chapter in Suzanne's story of living not in her town.
Soon, they were off!
Next stop, A road trip {home} to stay.

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