Monday, December 15, 2014

The condo and transitions

The house was sold!  Suzanne had to find a new place to be.  She put the word out in her office and quickly found a small condo in the small city nearby to stay in for her transition period.  She and hubby could finish up the school year and then head back home.
Over Easter they had the opportunity to have a sneak preview of what moving home would be like.  They had moved all of their posessions (besides the bare minimum) into the rental house/grandma's house in Wishington. So an Easter break in the house would be a little taste of what life would be like after the big move.
The house was so sweet!  So cute on the outside, and completely fixed up on the inside.  Freshly re-finished hard wood floors, freshly painted walls.  The memory from that partial week would never leave that little snapshop memory place in Suzanne's mind.
The house felt very cold, and the paint smell was noxious!
A tiny feeling of panic set in.  Suzanne was realizing that she was leaving behind...all of her anonimity, all of her whole foods, all of her friends, all of the malls and intrigue the bigger move
The easter bunny came --in Wishington--as he would for years to come.

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