Thursday, July 17, 2008


*Elena finished swim lessons today.
She was so excited to show off for us--the parents got to stay today.

*That is Victor's sweet little footprint. Tip: If you leave sidewalk chalk out in the rain, it is way more fun to draw with.

*Andy hooked up the antenna outside. The tv is now clear. So, tonight I was watching one of those gossip shows. I have been wondering forever--why in the hell are the *sm*nds on those shows all the time? Who are they? When were the ever popular? I never care about anything about them--what they are doing, their children, their shows...why are they on there all the time????

*I also watched Ugly B*^^y. That show is soooo campy, but I love it. shhhh....

*That footprint picture might show up again as a fancy picnik thing.

*You can tell by Elena's picture that she is not the daredevil child. :) She learned a lot, but she still needs a hand when jumping into the pool.


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

LOVE the footprint pic! We are very excited about the beach!!! I would love to see you guys that weekend when you are going to the mountains, I will be around all weekend....Give me a call that week and we can work out a plan, we are coming back from the beach on Sunday, I think it is July 27th...My cell # is still the same. What is your new # since you don't have a cell? You can send me an email with it. I am very excited about the prospect of seeing you guys :)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Hey babe!
Got your message last night...I didn't answer b/c I did not know what area code 252 was...I didn't know we had that one here in NC! I will give you a call next week when we get back from the beach so we can get our plan you guys take 40 to the mtns?? Have a great week...not sure if we are taking the laptop to the beach yet or not. Talk to ya soon!