Sunday, July 20, 2008


Here is a re-cap of the weekend.
On Friday we went to Music in the Streets.
This was really fun.
We took our children, went out to eat--see pic of Elena.
We walked around on Main St. and listened to music. I was just about to comment to Andy that even though we grew up here, I still feel comfortably anonomous, and then we went out into the street, and that all changed. :)
We saw several of the ladies who taught Andy in school, and we saw lots of our friends from growing up who have also chosen to move home.
It was fun. Just before Victor threw a Victor fit about my having licked his ice cream cone so that it would not drip, we left. Victor will stay with Grandma the next time we go to Music in the Streets. :)
Our tomatoes have decided that they are happy. We are happy about their happiness, and hopefully soon we will be eating yummy purple tomatoes. (Thank you Mr. M**han.)
Andy took that picture at night, can you see the baby tomato?
Today, we went to church. Ahhh...I do not want to get into religion here. But, we were surprised to arrive at and find a POLITICAL DISCUSSION!!!
I do not agree with politics and church. Of course I got my say. But we did not even get out of Sunday school without seeing someone shake a Bible around and to wierd antics in response to my having said, "Well, I am going to teach my children tolerance."
Yes. I will go back. With several tid bits of text high lighted in the Bible about Jesus talking about love, and peace, and turning the other cheek.
This is hard.
When I grew up in the Church I was always taught that we did not discuss politics in our church. Well, apparently this has changed.
It was disheartening. I do intend to talk to my aunts, cousins, and my former work friend whose husband is a b*shop. I just have questions. Morgan, you grew up in the same ya'll's church like this?
Now, the sermon was not. It was a classic. I love the other parts of church. The ritual. The apostles creed. Hymns. ---not people teaching hate and intolerance.

Sorry to get all serious!! :)


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