Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No cell phone/ No cable

So, Andy and I are trying to trim the budget/not have stuff we don't need.

We are not getting cell phones here b/c we don't think we need them.
We are not going to have cable.
So far.

Now, we both love TV. We have an antenna, so we can watch some stuff--it is fuzzy, but I don't care about fuzz, as long as the fuzz is not jumping around.
I love cell phones--I just think they are cute to be honest.

BUT, that is at least 120.00 a month we can save.

Every other day or so one of us will say, "hmmm...I am thinking we should just get cable.."
or, "you know we might need a cell phone just for emergencies."

I am not anti-cable by any means. I LOVE TV.
(One of my current pet peaves, by the way, is when people say they do not watch cable, or let their children watch cable, but they let them only watch movies. WTH? This idea just seems so silly to me. A tv trance is a tv trance. So a D*$n#y movie is fine, but not Max and Ruby??? or Clifford???)
We tried to get dish b/c we already had the dvr with all of Elena's max and ruby shows on it. BUT they could not find a signal.
Now Andy has been spending a lot of time watching H*l* on the internet to get his Colbert/Jon Stewart fix, oh and family guy.

We will see how this goes....

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