Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday parties

This is something I was just not cut out for.
Both of my children have birthdays in one month, along with a niece, and my friend's child.
I don't have to plan but two of the parties.
Nervous breakdown.
I called my mama crying this morning already.
I hate birthday parties (planning them).
Where is Morgan--or some inspiration when I need it?
Inspiration came.
"Don't have one. That is the craziest mess in the world anyway. I have never had but one birthday party in my life. He is two. He does not care. Make a cake, sing to him and let him open a present at suppa, and forget it."
Problem solved, Problem solved.
My daddy chimed in in the background, "I never had a birthday party, and I turned out just fine."
Of course they also all slept in one room in the winter time, and reportedly put cardboard in their shoes when they were holey. ;).
At any rate.
My inspiration is this, Keep it simple.
I loved Bethany's birthday party post b/c it was about a party at chuck e cheese with ONLY IMMEDIATE FAMILY THERE. :)
Great idea.
It seems like we have created a beast with the birthday party thing.
People drive to Greenville with three year-olds and rent out places etc.
I cannot compete--so I will drop out of the running. :)

Happy Friday.
If I get through today without crying in front of someone--oh wait, I already did that--


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

I wish I was there to help you plan a SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE party, you know that I THRIVE on that kind of thing. You are right though, it is ridiculous when people take it to the extreme. A cake, close family and a few presents is ALL you need! Love ya and hope you have a great weekend!

Bethany said...

Fight the system! Don't throw a big shindig! People will actually envy you :)... it is too much utter madness at a toddler party. Pick something he loves and go with that, with your close family. Who made up the $300 party rule anyway? My girls enjoyed our Chuck E outing as much as any party, and still ask to do that again. :)