Friday, March 6, 2009

an ode to Tamales...

When I was driving out of the school parking lot today I thought to myself, "I sure wish Camelia would have some tamales today.."
When Andy walked in from getting the kids, what did he say? "Camelia sent Tamales!"
OMG y'all.
Tamales are just soooo good.
It is such a nice Friday treat to have something so yummy waiting.
They are kind of like a pouch of yummy spicey meat wrapped up in dough that made out of cornmeal and is the same consistency as a cornmeal dumpling that people put in collards...(Morgan, this is something you would find out how to cook) There are red ones and green ones. They have pork in them when this particular tamale lady makes them, vamos.
I have never had one in a Mexican restaurant, so I am not sure if they exist there.
People have always just made them and given them to me. :)
Thank God they think I am worthy of their tamales b/c I sure love them.
Andy loves them just as much as me. :) My mama does too.
We took them to a party once...all the people there loved them.
I think this Tamale lady should set up a cart somewhere...
I just scarfed down two of them--boom--with a big ole glass of ginger ale.
Eva (the fetus) loves spicey stuff, so she is probably happy in there.
Enough about Tamales...I am off to comfort Elena who either was pushed off the swing, or wants a friend to come play...she can't make up her mind.


Bethany said...

This is like a fairy godmother post - every mom wants someone to hand her a delicious dinner already made! I don't think I have had these... but the workers putting our siding on had some for lunch, they used the microwave to heat them, and asked if I knew what a tamale was. Theirs were corn color with pork. Sing that ode, hungry gestating mama... and hey! Is Eve your temporary fetus name? :)

Susan said...

The red/green thing refers to the inside.
You should have asked for a bite of one, or offered a hot pocket in exchange for one...hee hee.
Eva will be her name when she is born too. :)

Bethany said...

Sorry I goofed her name - Eva *not Eve* is a beautiful name. Let me get the pronunciation down - will it be Eeeva, or Ava? :) Tell us how you chose it and what your inspiration was!