Sunday, March 8, 2009

international day of the woman? women's day?

If you check out the blog in Spanish, and Maryellen's blog you can see that all around the world women are celebrated on this day.
I have a constant rhetorical conversation with myself about how women are treated. Not me. Not necessarily in the U.S., but in the U.S. also.
I wonder what we would all do here if militants took over.
Obligated girls to stay home from school.
Made all women walk around wearing tarps with a mesh screen to see through so we could do errands.
Refused to let us become physicians, or be treated by them.
Would we allow ourselves to be obligated?
Would the men in our lives now allow this type of change for us? for our daughters?
Would we allow institutionalized sexism disguised by the oh so classic, "will of god"?
As my fellow blogger pointed out, Are the women who are infected with HIV and are digging through trash piles to find food that is not that rotten --for the husbands and children, are they celebrating this day?
Are the little girls who live in cages and are forced to get F^cked so their dad can have money to buy some liquor, do their moms celebrate this day? will they ever?
Until all humans with vaginas can celebrate this day, I don't think I'll be celebrating much.
Crying is more like it. I do not consider myself to be a militant feminist...I teeter-totter between hopeless and hopeful.

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Bethany said...

This is a constant dialogue around here - is there still a need for feminism? Aren't we modernized? Totally depends on where you sit. I have a new cyber-friend - will send you her blog links. She is hosting a discussion on the web, the femisphere as she calls it, opening up dialogue with womenfrom all walks of life to determine where we stand. happy monday :)