Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The weekend & today

Here are some fotos of our weekend that included a trip to the airport (we have on here! :) ), a trip to L0we's --which I LOVE that place, and lots of planting stuff.
The shadow one is of Victor's hand. He said, "bye bye ai pane" Caroline got to fly an airplane Saturday b/c she works hard and completed a project in school. Cool incentive to work hard.
Elena helped me plant seeds, and then she talked baby talk to them--b/c I told they were fragile, and that they were going to grow into teeny baby plants first.
She ran around all afternoon with her shirt off to soak up the vitamin D. :)

Today: We just got an invitation from Camelia to eat Tacos tonight. :)YUM! I think it is cool she invited us to dine...instead of just taking food y running. ;).
Also: We have news that Andy's cousin's new wife just had a baby and they named her Eva..hmm hmm. Now, this is a person we never see. I saw him ..let's see...two years ago at Thanksgiving.
So, we are keeping our name! :)

Buenos, pues, bye! :)

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Bethany said...

I am going to stalk that Camelia and all her yummy food. :) A fun weekend - what is better than planting and airplanes...