Friday, March 13, 2009

The Friday Evening Post

Bullets, I have no editor.
**I had my second ugly A** shirt offense this week.
*Victor stayed awake, and so did I one night this week. :)He knocked on the head board of the bed. Explained everything he knows how to explain. Laughed. Asked for drink. On and on...until he drifted off, at 5 AM. He looked so precious sleeping his baby sleep when I woke up at six thirty to get ready for work. :)
**apparently the shirts I am wearing look like "moo moos" to andy. That is what he called today's choice. HA! I really don't care. They are clean and soft--and they were free (did I mention the sanford and son gene?).
*We had a two hour staff meeting on Monday with three fluff activities.--Three--That is two too many, folks. One fluff activity is all that should be allowed at any mass meeting. When it was five til five and there were ten ladies playing family feud...well, let's just say I was about to pull my d@mn hair out.
**Elena is getting into telling knock knock jokes, and she knows how to tell one--the formula..she just does not know about funny. to her they are all funny--any one she can make up. it is sooooo cute. She and andy are knock knock buddies.
*I think I might be understanding a mother/son connection. I am a sucker for anything Victor does, in a way that leaves me unable to discipline him or say "no" to him, (sort of like how andy is with nay nays). So much for not believing in all sure does have its lessons to teach, no?

Those are all the highlights of the week. :)
Tomorrow I am off for a morning to myself to buy my babes a couple presents. Victor is getting a Mack truck from the movie c@rs. he loves that movie--in the repetitive two year old way. we watch the movie and the songs from it over and over. Of course I think it is the cutest thing ever and i just watch it over and over. :)
elena is getting a new cash register with working buttons--the one we have is old and it was free from somewhere, and she is into cash registers whenever we see them at the store or at other people's houses.
I am rambling, i am tired. :)
Melissa...invite me to read your blog...puleeeeze! :)
What a surprise when I went to check it this morning and it was invite only.!!

have a great weekend!

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Bethany said...

Found one more post to catch up on - I was gone all weekend, and you were busy! Mother/son stuff is different and precious. Soak that love up :) (Peds asked if Phoenix knew the words "no" and "Bye" - What? I never say those things to him!) Cars is the best. We are all big fans - he will enjoy the mack.